Communications Policies & Procedures

Delhi Today

Campus Email Communication

It is the policy of SUNY Delhi to coordinate mass emails to the entire campus through the Office of Marketing and Communications.

To better serve the campus community, we are combining Delhi Today and the daily student email, effective Monday, April 23. Delhi Today will now be the official campus E-news for messages for faculty, staff and students. If you have something to share with the campus community, consider sending your message through Delhi Today, an electronic newsletter sent via email and published by Marketing and Communications that provides a quick, easy-to-read look at campus news and special events each day.

Delhi Today Guidelines

  • The event or activity must be college-related or sponsored by a college-affiliated club or organization.
  • We cannot include attachments, so please provide a link to a web page to provide additional information.
  • To keep the news fresh, items can appear a maximum of three times, but no more than twice in one week. Marketing and Communications will try to accommodate run date requests.
  • Marketing and Communications reserves the right to make decisions on whether messages are appropriate for Delhi Today.
  • Delhi Today Extras are only for emergencies. They are not to fix errors or omissions.
  • All messages regarding parking lots must be approved by a College Leadership Team Member and must be approved in EMS.
  • Messages will not be edited. Submitters will be responsible for the content of messages published. Marketing and Communications reserves the right to make decisions on whether messages are appropriate for Delhi Today.
  • The deadline for submissions to be considered is 2 p.m. the day prior to publication. For more information, contact Marketing and Communications, 4873,

Delhi Today Submissions

All submissions for Delhi Today will be submitted using this online form. Please read the helpful hints below to better complete the form.

  • Provide a run start date in which you would like your message to start appearing.
  • Event descriptions are limited to 130 words.
  • Please include a link to a web page that includes additional information about your event. Examples include: BroncoCONNECT event listings, surveys, sign-up sheets, order forms, etc. Again, we are unable to attach documents to Delhi Today messages. 
  • Each message should include the date of the event and when the event will be held when applicable.
  • Every message will display the announcement's contact information.