Campus-Wide Assessment Committee

The Campus-Wide Assessment Committee was formed in the fall of 2011 to aid in achieving the broad campus goal of sustaining a culture of assessment to support the continuous improvement of academic and co-curricular programs. Specifically, the committee:

  • tracks assessment programs across campus and monitors programs for compliance with the college's strategic plan and/or the mandates of external entities;
  • assists academic and other functional areas in developing robust assessment efforts, based on measurable outcomes, by making available assistance from campus staff who engage in best practices in assessment;
  • periodically reports on the progress of the campus in sustaining and improving its assessment efforts;
  • identifies data, evidence and institutional research needed in order to improve and document assessment efforts;
  • assists in improving efforts to "close the loop" by using assessment results to improve or strengthen academic programs and extracurricular programs and institution-wide improvement efforts;
  • coordinates with the Middle States Steering Committee to assure that recommendations for improving assessment, data gathering and analysis are seamlessly implemented.

Membership on the committee includes representatives from all academic and student support units across campus.  The 2017-18 committee membership includes:  Christina Viafore (co-chair), Jacqnene Howard (co-chair), Monica Liddle (advisor), Robert Backus, Michael Branigan, Alex Brownell, Marc Evans, Mistelle Fields, Carrie Fishner, Desiree Keever, Steve McKeegan, Elizabeth Pratt, Nancy Smith, Jeff Stedman, and Nicholas Wagner.

Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes