Program Review Guidelines

Program Review

According to the State University of New York, all academic programs must complete a thorough review every five years.  In order to encourage improvement through a system of planning, implementing and evaluating, the Faculty Senate Undergraduate Committee developed the Guide for the Evaluation of Undergraduate Academic Programs.  Approved by the University Faculty Senate in 2012, this document should be used to write Program Review reports.  These new guidelines include a greater emphasis on the assessment of student learning outcomes.  A rubric created by the SUNY Delhi Campus-Wide Assessment Committee will be used to assess the completeness of the Program Review report, so this rubric should be utilized when writing your report. 

Documents to be used in completing the Program Review:

Upon completing the Program Review report, all relevant documents should be submitted to the Resnick Library and to the Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness so that they can be properly archived.  Instructions for submission can be found on the Resnick Library website.  Once archived, all reports can be found in Compliance Assist.