Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission and Values

Awarding associate, baccalaureate, and master's degrees, SUNY Delhi combines strengths in technology with dynamic curricula in arts, sciences, and selected professions. Our vibrant and diverse campus community provides an environment where living and learning flourish. Online and off-site programs provide expanding educational opportunities.

College Philosophy

The student is the most important person at SUNY Delhi.

Mission Statement

The mission of SUNY Delhi is:

To prepare students for lifelong success through academic programs, experience-based learning, cultural activities, and civic engagement.

Institutional Values

The SUNY Delhi experience is defined by the campus community's commitment to creating opportunities for student success. SUNY Delhi is a student-centered community that values:

  • Freedom, openness, and excellence in academic inquiry, expression, and achievement;
  • Diversity, inclusiveness, dignity, and respect in our relationships;
  • Honesty, integrity, and responsibility;
  • Innovation and stewardship with regard to our resources; and
  • Engagement, service, collaboration, and compassion, both within and outside our campus community.

Institutional Culture

Therefore, based on our values, SUNY Delhi:

  • Is a student-centered campus community that values all individuals, practices inclusiveness, and embraces diversity;
  • Emphasizes hands-on, experience-based, and applied education in small classes;
  • Develops and expands internship and service learning opportunities;
  • Provides opportunities in classrooms, residence halls, and campus activities for students to realize their personal, intellectual and professional goals;
  • Delivers programs that overcome geographic barriers and provide students substantial flexibility in pursuing their degrees through technology and inter-campus collaboration;
  • Practices rigorous academic and professional standards of learning and assesses the extent to which programs and students meet or exceed these standards;
  • Supports scholarship and intellectual creativity;
  • Supports faculty and staff not only in scholarly and creative activities, but also in continuous professional development;
  • Assists with local and state economic development efforts by forging stronger, extensive ties with the private and non-profit sectors;
  • Reduces the campus' carbon footprint through alternative energy options wherever practical;
  • Teaches and promotes sustainable practices across the campus community;
  • Continuously improves the quality and application of technology to academic, administrative, and support services through a focus on student needs; and
  • Nurtures a culture of philanthropy that motivates faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the college to create and build lasting relationships that provide the resources to support SUNY Delhi's strategic priorities.