Educational Opportunity Program

Educational Opportunity Program

Educational Opportunity Program

The Educational Opportunity Program is designed for students who have the ability and talent to succeed in college, but have had limited academic and financial options to prove their dedication. It provides supplemental support in the areas of tutoring, counseling and financial aid to eligible students.

At SUNY Delhi, students who are enrolled in the Program must meet specific criteria. If accepted into the Program, students must also sign a contract which outlines expectations and the steps students must take in order to succeed.

The Educational Opportunity Program strives to create opportunities that will enhance student achievement, improve student learning and promote essential citizenship and leadership skills. Counseling, Tutoring and Financial services are the three main areas of support.

At SUNY Delhi, each student accepted through EOP receives undivided attention and services during his/her maturation at the college. The EOP staff directs all their energy to ensuring that each individual receives the support needed to be successful and achieve their goals.

The EOP's  theme is Encouraging Outstanding Performance. With this as the focus, the Program's goals are as follows:


  • To become a successful student and obtain a certificate or degree that he/she is pursuing.
  • To increase learning readiness, academic performance and critical thinking, by providing students with workshops and courses that will assist them in being achievers, contributors and persisting to graduation.
  • To develop life skills that will increase students' success academically and socially.
  • To educate students on the importance of citizenship and their role in creating a positive community.
  • To promote respect and appreciation for all people.
  • To provide cultural, educational and social activities that will enhance students' quality of life in a rural college community.

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