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Institutional Research

Office of Institutional Research

The Institutional Research Office aims to provide accurate and comprehensive information about the institution to stakeholders for improved understanding, planning, and operating. Campus and community members may submit a request for special reports to the Institutional Research Office.

We guard individual privacy by only sharing aggregate data with the exception of official university business which occasionally requires data specific to individuals to be shared. This is done solely within the guidelines of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Student Demographics

Fast Facts about SUNY Delhi and the students who attend the college

Geographic Origins of Students, Fall 2014


Enrollment Data

Program Enrollment, 2012-2016

Enrollment by Degree Type, 2011-2016

Full-time and Part-time Enrollment, 2011-2016

Online Courses and Enrollment, 2010-2014

Acceptance Rate and Yield Rate, 2012-2014


Retention and Graduation 

One-year Retention Rates of First-time, Full-time Students by Program

One-year Retention Rates

Graduation Rates by Cohort

Transfer Headcounts, 2009-2013


Common Data Set

CDS 2013-14








Last Updated: 11/28/16