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Environmental Studies

Associate in Science Degree

Thinking green? There are a variety of career options available to you in this fast-growing field. These include environmental advocacy, policy and law, education, and consulting. This program blends the natural and social sciences, focusing on our beautiful campus set in the western Catskill mountains and part of the New York City watershed.

The Instructional Program

Delhi's Environmental Studies A.S. degree program couples a rigorous core of science classes with relevant training in the social sciences. Students also receive a solid grounding in the political and decision-making aspects of environmental affairs. The program will also enhance students' overall educational experience by combining an array of courses into a coherent, applicable field of study.

Upon completion of the Environmental Studies program, students will have satisfied all of SUNY's General Education requirements and will be prepared to transfer to senior-college programs in environmental science, environmental studies, or biological sciences.







Program Information

Course Listing


Admission Requirements
HS Average: 75
Algebra Regents: 73
Geometry Regents: 73
Biology Regents: 73
Chemistry Regents: 73

SUNY Curriculum Code: 2009

Contact Information
P 607-746-4450
F 607-746-4455

Last Updated: 8/21/16