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Associate in Applied Science Degree

This field offers you the ability to work for contractors or to have your own business. HVAC systems are used in diverse applications, from temperature and air quality control to transporting food and medicine. Our graduates have a passion for detail and precision, and pride in their craftsmanship. If you have this passion, you’ll always have work.

There are a number of HVAC related majors at SUNY Delhi and this reflects the diversity in this large industry. The curriculum with the most breadth is the A.A.S. degree in HVAC. This program contains a strong, representative technical component, in addition to a liberal arts, mathematics and science component. This option would be the best for you if there is any possibility that you might eventually transfer for a four-year degree.

The HVAC industry is a $150 billion a year business nationally and employs millions of people around the globe. The HVAC industry provides solutions to many important environmental issues such as indoor air quality and protecting the ozone layer through proper refrigerant handling. HVAC is a necessity today for personal comfort, medical health, food preservation, water supply and work productivity. This industry will produce thousands of new jobs in the next decades as the market for these products expands.





Admission Requirements
HS Average: 75
Algebra Regents: 73
Transfer GPA: 2.0

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1486

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