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Arranging for Academic Adjustments

How to Receive Academic Adjustments

In order to receive academic adjustments through the Access and Equity office, follow the steps outlined below. Should you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact our office at anytime.

1.Self Identify

If you have been accepted for admission at SUNY Delhi and would like to register with Access and Equity Services, please submit the Self Disclosure Form, and send all required documentation or to:

The Office of Access and Equity Services
221 Bush Hall Delhi, NY 13753
Phone: 607.746.4593
Fax: 607.832.7593

2.Suggested Summer Conference "It's All in the Planning!"

"It's All in the Planning!" is for accepted students and their families to learn more about the support services and technology offered through SUNY Delhi Office of Access and Equity Services. Topics include:

- Learn how your disability impacts your education.
- Learn how to receive the adjustments you need in college.
- Actively Begin Developing Your Personal Toolbox.
- Experiment with reading, writing, and studying technology tools.

Choose a session below and confirm your registration today!

Summer 2017

Session 1: August 7th & 8th

Session 2: August 9th & 10th

Day 1 is TBD and Day 2 is TBD

Check in TBD, in the Academic Achievment Center, Second Floor Bush Hall.

-This is a two day program.
-Be sure to book your accommodations in advance.
-Check your student email for additional information regarding the program.
-The program will take place in various locations on campus.
-There will be time to have lunch on your own in town.
-Advanced registration is required.

Bring your own laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone to start building your technology toolbox.

Register for the Summer Transition Program now!

List of accommodations in the area for you to book


You should submit documentation and make an appointment or communicate your needs to the Coordinator of Access and Equity Services at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

4.Check Student Email

Two weeks prior to the start of every semester you will receive an email with a link to the Student Guidelines for Academic Adjustments form. This form must be downloaded and saved before working with it. The form must be completed, and returned before you can receive your access letter to present to your professors. This form should be returned As Soon As Possible via email, fax, or mail, BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES!

5.Look For Letters In Student Email

Once your contract is received by the Access and Equity Office, your access letter will be sent to your school email address. You will need to fwd (forward) this email to all of your professors and cc (copy) This serves as identifying to your professors for the current semester.

6.Make An Appointment To Meet With Your Professors

You still need to communicate with your professors regarding your academic adjustments.



Fill out and submit a Testing Services request form


Contact Info
Gabriella Vasta
P: 607-746-4593
F: 607-832-7593


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