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Tutorial Services are available to all students and are offered in most entry level, general education courses, as well as some higher level courses. Tutoring is provided by trained Peer Tutors, Faculty Volunteer Tutors and Professional Tutors. Tutor Request Applications are also available at the Resnick Academic Achievement Center, Bush Hall 219.

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Interested in becoming a Peer Tutor?

Returning students and transfer students who have successfully completed equivalent courses and who are interested in a position as a Peer Tutor should fill out the Peer Tutor Application. The basic requirement is a grade of B or higher in the subject you are tutoring. Applications are also available at the Resnick Academic Achievement Center, Bush Hall 219.

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Contact Info
Josephine Monaco
Coordinator of Tutorial Services
Resnick Academic Achievement Center
Bush Hall, Room 219


Fall 2016

Complete Schedule of all Peer Tutors for all Courses

AECT 150 + AECT 360

ACCT 115 + ACCT 125

ARCH 125 + ARCH 140

BIOL 218, Animal A&P

BIOL 220 + BIOL 225

BIOL 230

BUSI 100, BUSI 245

BUSI 110

CARP 120, 130

CHEM 120 + CHEM 180


HORT 130 + HORT 207

HOSP 135

HOSP 320

MECH 112 + 113 + 130



VETS 115, Med Math

Faculty Tutors, All Subjects

PSI (Peer Supplemental Instructors)





Last Updated: 8/24/16