Mildred & Louis Resnick Library

Mildred & Louis Resnick Library

Library Instruction

Specialized Instruction For Classes:

Sign-up for an instruction session with one of our librarians: Library Instruction Request Form.

Librarians can collaborate with you on a format that will work for you and your students. We offer:

  • Hands-on, interactive class session(s), targeted toward a specific assignment or objective
  • Custom web pages compiling the most useful resources and research tips for your subject area, course, or assignment
  • Interactive, self-paced tutorials designed around the specific needs of your program, course, or assignment
  • Assistance with integrating library resources into your Vancko Hall courses
  • Advice on creating a project that incorporates research skills or library resources

If you would like to take advantage of our facilities, we can schedule your class session in our computer classroom (Bush 302), and/or give your students a tour of the library. To discuss instruction for your class, please email or call x4635 and ask to speak with a librarian.

Library Instruction Evaluations:

Faculty Reserve Book Requests: If you have a book you would like to have placed on reserve in the library for students to use, please fill out the Reserve Book Request Form.

General Workshops & Tutorials:

Course Specific Workshops and Websites:

  • CADD 170 - Manufacturing Processes
  • HIST 330 - The American Revolution
  • HIST 330 - The Civil War
  • TRVL 170 - Tourism
  • TRVL 310 - Geography
  • VETS 180 - Library Research Article Assignment
  • Library Research/Article Assignment Description
  • Library Research/Article Due Dates
  • BEST

UNIV 103 - Information Management

On a somewhat irregular basis, the Library also offers UNIV 103, a 1-credit course in Information Management. This course teaches students to access, evaluate, and organize information in support of both research and life information needs. Students explore Internet resources and tools as well as traditional print resources. Skills and principles learned in this hands-on course apply directly to research assignments in other courses, as well as to the professional workplace. Students should have familiarity with the basic functions of Microsoft Windows and an Internet browser.