Professor and two students examining golf course turf.

Golf and Sports Turf Management

Golf and Sports Turf Management Course List


ACCT 115 Financial Accounting
BUSI 310 Strategic Management
BUSI 343 Individual Behavior in Organization
GSTM 280 Professional Work Experience I (summer)
GSTM 300 Golf Course Planning and Design
GSTM 304 Managing Athletic Surfaces
GSTM 306 Human Resource Management
GSTM 310 Financial Planning & Budgeting
GSTM 380 Professional Work Experience II (summer)
GSTM 390 Golf Course and Sports Field Facilities Management
GSTM 400 Senior Seminar
GSTM 450 Athletic Field Facility Management Internship
HORT 100 Orientation to Horticultural Sciences
HORT 115 Landscape Construction Principles
HORT 120 Introduction to Horticultural Practices
HORT 130 Plant Materials I
HORT 140 Drawing and Surveying
HORT 150 Grounds Equipment/Fleet Management
HORT 155 Sharpening and Grinding
HORT 160 Soil Sciences
HORT 180 Horticultural Sciences Internship
HORT 200 Turf Management
HORT 207 Horticultural Insects and Diseases
HORT 212 Horticultural Chemicals
HORT 220 Ornamental Tree and Shrub Maintenance
HORT 225 Water Management and Conservation
HORT 235 Weeds and Weed Control
HORT 250 Advanced Turf Management
PEDH 220 First Aid: Responding to Emergencies