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Architectural Technology (AAS)

SUNY Delhi also offers a 
Bachelor degree in Architectural Design and Building >

The A.A.S. in Architectural Technology is designed to prepare you for direct employment in architecture and related fields, or for transfer to a bachelor degree program. Equal emphasis is placed on: the preparation of detailed residential and commercial construction drawings; the creative process of rendering and designing buildings; and the understanding of building methods, materials, structure, and mechanical systems. The drawing instruction, in turn, is equally divided between conventional design/drafting media and computer-generated design and drafting.


Admission Requirements
  • HS Average: 75
  • Algebra Regents: 73


Career Options

The market for architectural technology skills is nationwide and goes beyond the conventional architectural firm. Program faculty maintain broad contacts within the industry regionally, and advise and assist graduates in securing employment. Attractive employment opportunities can be found with:

  • construction companies
  • engineering firms
  • government agencies
  • large corporations
  • building products' manufacturers
  • and more

Many students transfer after two years to Delhi's B.T. in Architectural Design and Building through the 2+2 arrangement. Students apply for and are admitted to the A.A.S. program and, upon successful completion, can apply for admission to the B.T. program. Check out other Transfer Options >


What are students working on?

Check out the student project gallery >

Student Project Gallery


Alumni News

Graduates of SUNY Delhi's architecture programs are in demand by firms who recognize the value of employees who have gained experience in both design and construction. Our graduates can be found in architectural design firms from small to large, while others branch out and start their own practices. Our graduates can also be found in design jobs for the construction industry. See what some alumni are doing now >

What will I study?

  • Freshman students hone their drawing and drafting skills and complete their first conceptual design project for an outdoor pavillion on the Delhi campus

  • Sophomore students explore the theme of housing, and design different types of residential programs from apartments to single family homes, to multi-family buildings

  • Students who transfer to the B.T. in Architectural Design and Building gain experience working in groups and working directly with clients, as well as tackling complex designs for a 21st century digital library

  • Delhi's independent-study architecture students designed an information kiosk for the town of Andes, which was built in cooperation with the Construction Management program

Why Architecture at Delhi?

  • Hands-on experience in the laboratory or studio, supported by classroom theory

  • Program places equal emphasis on the creative process of designing buildings, as well as the practical understanding of building methods, materials, structure and mechanical systems

  • All courses are taught by architects, engineers and construction professionals with extensive work experience.

  • Fully equipped construction laboratories and drafting studios

  • Use of the latest industry-standard computer software in fully equipped computer labs

  • Small class sizes encourage close interaction with faculty members and peers

  • Extracurricular field trips and community service opportunities


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