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How do I contact the Registrar's Office?

FAX: (607)746-4569
By e-mail:
By letter:

Registrar's Office
SUNY Delhi
Bush Hall, Room 124
454 Delhi Drive
Delhi, NY 13753

How do I order a transcript?

You may call our transcript request line at (607)746-4617 for complete instructions on ordering an academic transcript.

All transcript requests must be in writing with the signature of the student whose transcript is being requested or may be ordered from our secured website using a PIN number. FAX requests are acceptable as long as they contain the signature.

To assure the proper records are accessed, requests must include the student identification number or social security number of the student, the student name under which they attended SUNY at Delhi, the academic terms when they were in attendance, and the student date of birth.

Alternatively transcripts may be ordered thru our secured website at Bronco Web. This access requires using your Delhi id number or your social security number as the user id and your 6 digit general PIN number to gain access to the secured portion of our website.  Once in the secured area, follow the menu choices to the transcript request form.

Visit our webpage for complete instructions on requesting a transcript

What is my PIN and how is it used?

All students attending SUNY at Delhi since Fall of 1999 have been assigned a PIN number. This number is a six digit personal identification number which may be modified by the individual. Entry to our secured website requires use of this PIN number in conjunction with your student id number, or social security number, as an electronic signature.

I forgot my PIN. How do I get into the website?

When you first used your pin number to access the SUNY at Delhi secured website, you were required to enter a "Hint Question" and an "Answer". If you click on the "Forgot Pin" button on the sign-on screen, the system will present you with your hint question and wait for you to supply the proper answer. Once you enter the correct answer, you will immediately be forced to change your pin number (to a value you will hopefully remember in the future) before allowing you further into the website.

Once in the website, you may alter your pin number, your hint question and or your hint answer by following the menus under "Personal Information."

If you are not able to get into the website because you have forgotten your hint question, you may contact the Registrar's office, in person, for us to assist you in gaining access. For requests via telephone, or SUNY Delhi email, we can only issue you a new pin. We will only mail the new pin to your permanent address on file.

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: Students need to frequently access the secured website while on campus. If you set up the hint question and answer, you must be sure your son or daughter knows what you have entered.

I requested a transcript to be sent by FAX this morning. Why have I not received it yet?

Transcript requests are normally processed within forty eight hours of receipt of request, except during particularly busy times (i.e.: end of term). Transcript requests are processed on a first come, first served basis. Requests for FAX copies do NOT get priority handling

Can I get a copy of my grades mailed home?

The College stopped routinely mail grades several years ago.  Grades are available on the secured college website (Bronco Web)

How do I obtain information about my son or daughters grades?

Student records are protected under federal law by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Students can file a form with the College which identifies what information may be released and to whom it may be released. If your student has not filed this form at the Registrar's Office, we can not release information.  Additionally, the College requires all transcript requests contain the student signature. (see question above)

How do I Login to Bronco Web?

How do I update my permanent address?

Students must first log into Bronco Web and follow these instructions












Mailing Address
Registrar's Office
SUNY Delhi
454 Delhi Drive
Delhi, NY 13753

Office Location
Bush Hall, Room 124

Contact Info
P: 607-746-4560
F: 607-746-4569

Office Hours
Monday - Friday


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