Bronco Ready Math Placement Test

Math Placement Test


All incoming, first-time students are required to complete a Math Placement Test (ACCUPLACER) in order to be registered for an appropriate math course for the upcoming semester, unless deemed to be exempt.

This is not a pass/fail test. The score in combination with a students school record will be used to determine which math class the student will be registered for. All students are encouraged to take their time, and do their best on the test.

To sample some of the questions asked on the arithmetic, elementary algebra, or college-level math placement tests, ACCUPLACER offers a no-cost web-based study app for the computer, smartphone, or tablet. For more information, please visit the ACCUPLACER Study App.

What is the Math Placement Test like?

The Math Placement Test is administered through the College Board’s computer-based assessment ACCUPLACER. Topics and starting points range from arithmetic to elementary algebra to college math. A student's starting point will be based off the last math course complete, not in progress.

Students CANNOT use a calculator (unless otherwise specified on the computer monitor). The results are used to determine placement into math courses, whether refresher or credit bearing.

What are the criteria to be exempt from the Math Placement Test?

A student will receive an exemption from the Math Placement Test by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Successfully completed a Calculus course in high school;
  • Received a score of 3 or above on an Advanced Placement (AP) Mathematics Exam;
  • Received a C or above in a College Algebra (or higher level math) course at either SUNY Delhi or another college.

Please note: Students must have successfully completed one of the above criteria. Courses in progress or awaiting final grades will not be accepted.

What if I require testing accommodations?

Students who require testing accommodations because of a disability should submit accommodation documentation records (IEP/ 504 Plan and Psychoeducational Report, Psychological Evaluation, Medical Verification) to the Accessibility Resources Office. Documentation must be submitted several weeks prior to the scheduled Bronco Ready date so accommodation arrangements can be made.

Will SUNY Delhi accept ACCUPLACER test scores from other colleges/universities?

Due to the specific process for placement testing starting points, SUNY Delhi does not accept ACCUPLACER test scores from other colleges/universities or allow students to take the ACCUPLACER exam on another college/university campus or testing center outside of SUNY Delhi.