Campus-based Scholarships

Campus-based Scholarships

There are numerous scholarships available for students each year. By completing the online application, students are automatically considered for opportunities that they are eligible to receive. Complete the online scholarship application today.

Open to All Majors

Alumni Scholarships - Legacy, Freshman, Centennial
Bachelor's Degree
Baright, Family Scholarship
Brooks, Karl Endowment
Burchan, Walter J. & Anna H.
CADI Scholarships
Callas, Dr. Dennis Honors
Clark, B. Scott Endowment
Class of 1963 Centennial
College Senate Scholarship
Community Bank, N.A.
Davis, Effie Memorial Endowment
Delaware National Bank of Delhi
Delhi Telephone Endowment
Dewar, James Foundation Endowment
Duncan, Mary Ellen Endowment
Evenden, Corey Memorial Endowment
Faculty Memorial Endowment
Gladstone, Patricia
Havens, Richie Endowment
Heaphy, David '63 & Sally
Higgins, Family
Honors Program
Hope Eddy
Kappa Sigma Epsilon
Kruger, Seldon Endowment
Kunsela, William Memorial Endowment
Lefkowitz Family
Lyons Trust Fund
Mabey, Anna Memorial Endowment
McIntosh/Burkett Trust Fund
Murphy, Fred P. Endowment
NYSSPE from Unrestricted funds
Olsen, Frederick J. Endowment
Orlando, Michael Memorial Endowment
Peckham, Lowell Memorial Endowment
Resnick Foundation Endowment
Riddell, Neil & Linda
Schenectady County Community College
Second Chance
Society Advancement of Management
Southworth Scholarship Program
Stiles, Thomas Memorial Endowment
Student Life
SUNY Scholarships
Thompson, Otis Foundation
Treyz, Amanda Endowment
Treyz, George Endowment
Vancko, Candace & Robert
Wilcox, Douglas Memorial Endowment
Wilson, Margaret
Woolever, Ward B.& Martha D. Endowment

Applied Technologies Majors

Administrative Services Scholarship
Architecture Scholarship
Building Mechanicals Endowment
Construction in honor of Dr. Bray
Decker, Sherman Memorial Endowment
Duncan, George Memorial Endowment
Gaetano, Charles A. Construction
Harrington, Dick & Linda Scho Endowment
Home Bureau Elizabeth E. Carpenter
Leidy, Roland Endowment
Merrill Family Foundation, Architecture & Construction
MOLES Scholarship
Morris, Jeremy R. Memorial Endowment
NYS Propane Gas
NYSERDA Grant Scholarships
Quadrini Family
Wade, William (Eng & Apl Tech)
Waters, David Memorial Endowment
Wickham, Richard & Marilyn Scholarship

Business, Golf, IT Majors

Brain, Roger Memorial Endowment
Carson, Bill Memorial Scholarship Fund
Laoretti, Larry Scholarship Fund
Merrill Family Foundation
PGM Scholarship
Robinson, Betsy Memorial Endowment

Culinary, Hospitality, Food Service Majors

Brooks Hospitality Endowment
Caparella, John
Grace, Sean Memorial Endowment
Holiday Inn /Reed Hotel Endowment
Home Bureau Margaret Johnson
Home Bureau Ruth Day/Gladys York
Home Bureaus, Frances Ladd
Hospitality Management Department Scholarship
Kaplan, George Endowment
Thompson, Kathryn Burch Scholarship
Krzyston, Amanda Memorial Scholarship
Magnuson Hospitality Endowment
Merrill Family Foundation - Hospitality
Restaurant & Banquet Gratuity School
Root, Professor Walter
Shields, Louis & Joanne
Societe Culinaire Phil./Chefs De Cuisine Assoc.
Tremonti, Lou Scholarship Endowment
Zraly, Kevin Endowment

Liberal Arts & Science, CJ Majors

DeFreece, Chief Perri
Geidel, Murial Endowment
Murphy, Laurel Memorial Endowment
Stewart, James E. Scholarship Fund
Wadsworth, John Taylor

Nursing Majors

Giarrusso, Enrico & Helen
Home Bureau Eleanor Roberts
Julia O. Wells Scholarship Fund
McMurdy, Harold & Viola Memorial Endowment
Nursing Memorial Fund
O'Connor Foundation Nursing
Rowe, Frances Endowment

Plant Science, Turf, Horticulture Majors

Fetchko, Michael & Stella
Home Bureaus, Silver Comm. Endowment
Morales, Family Scholarship Fund
NYS Nursery/Landscape Association
NYS Turf Grass Associations, Inc.

Veterinary Science Technology Majors

Baker, Dennis E.J. Scholarship Fund
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
Chicester, Jan Endowment
Cross, David Endowment
Ferraro, Sharon Memorial Endowment
Merrill Family Foundation
Powell, in honor of Walter Collins
Stone, Winifield Memorial Endowment

Student Life, CADI, Counseling, Etc.

Annunziato, Peter Memorial Endowment
CADI book stipends
CADI Harniman
Home Bureau Norma Hancock
Merrill Family Foundation
O'Connor Foundation Endowment (vo-tech)
Somerstein, Marcus