Co-Curricular Transcript

Co-Curricular Transcript

What is a Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT)?

A Co-Curricular Transcript is an official record of your co-curricular activities (clubs, organizations, activities), awards, accomplishments, and honors received during your time at SUNY Delhi.

What is a Co-Curricular Transcript used for?

As an official college document, the CCT can be used to support your search for summer employment, internships, graduate school, or a job after you graduate. The CCT is also required for many scholarships and awards SUNY Delhi offers its students. Official copies of the CCT may accompany your resume or scholarship application, employment, college transfer or graduate school application. In a recent survey, 71% of employers preferred job applicants to include a co-curricular transcript.

How do I start a CCT?

Each semester several workshops are offered to help you start your CCT. For those who intend to submit for multiple semesters already passed, it may be helpful to make up a chart listing both the fall term and spring term for each academic year. For example, if you started college in the academic year Fall 2013, you would start your chart with Fall 2013 to Spring 2014, then Fall 2014 to Spring 2015 and so on. Complete your chart by listing the items you want to show up on your final CCT under the fall and/or spring terms. Continue reading information below to complete the official CCT Form or bring your chart with you to one of our workshops.


Follow these instructions to complete the form:

  • To properly complete a Co-Curricular Transcript Entry/Validation Form, begin by completing the top of the form. Include your full name, SUNY Delhi 800 number, SUNY Delhi email address, and phone number.

  • To complete the date, circle the semester that you are indicating, and add the year number. Example: spring 2015 = circle "SP" and write in "15."

  • Finally, clearly print the advisor's full name, and have she/he sign the form.