Staff of Color Association

Staff of Color Association - SOCA


To foster a greater sense of community and mutual support among the faculty and staff of color through mentoring and networking in an effort to provide an organized support system that will enhance the cultural diversity within SUNY Delhi, as well as enhance and support the academic missions of the college. 


  • Establish Professional Development Opportunities specifically geared to the organization, as well as the broader campus.
  • Create a year-round Social Gathering calendar to foster bonding and increase networking options.
  • Provide Mentoring structure for new faculty and staff of color.
  • Assist new faculty and staff of color in transitioning to the college.
  • Develop SOCA Ambassadors to further the mission and purpose of the organization.
  • Become an officially recognized entity of SUNY Delhi.
  • Foster the mentoring of and engagement with students of color to support academic and personal growth.


The Staff of Color Association began in the Spring 2018 semester with support from the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office (DEI) and the DEI Advisory Board. Chaired by a group of dedicated faculty and staff, SOCA focuses on issues that are critically important to the retention and promotion, networking, community building, and professional development of staff of color. 


  • Omari Miller, Co-Chair
  • Kendra Murphy, Co-Chair
  • Jarvis McCowin, Co-Chair
  • Michele DeFreece, Community Relations Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Hoyt, DEI Liaison
  • Vacant - Professional Development Coordinator