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What is BroncoCHECK?BroncoCHECK

A BroncoCHECK is an intentional decision that an individual or group makes to intervene in a situation that has the potential to be risky, dangerous, unhealthy, or an emergency.

The BroncoCHECK program is designed to:

- Increase awareness and understanding of problematic behaviors and unjust behaviors;

- Instill a sense of responsibility for helping to solve problems and support others;

- Develop skills related to intervening in risky, dangerous, or unjust situations;

- Empower people to act individually and collectively.



Campus & Community Resources

Counseling & Health 607-746-4690
University Police 607-746-4700

Delhi Police Emergency 911
Non Emergency 607-746-2249

Student Life Office 607-746-4440
Judicial Affairs 607-746-4443

Residence Life 607-746-4690
Resident Assistant Offices
  - Catskill 607-746-4852
  - Dubois 607-746-4285
  - Gerry 607-746-4295
  - Murphy 607-746-4288
  - O'Connor 607-746-4291
  - Riverview Townhouses 607-832-4100
  - Russell 607-746-4290

Hazing Hotline 607-746-4562

O'Connor Hospital 607-746-0300

Safe Against Violence 607-746-1720


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Campus Life Message
A Message from the Vice President of Student Life

Student Handbook

New College Policy on Banned Organizations

Rave Mobile Safety

Campus Safety

Mayor's Task Force

Voter Registration

Area Accommodations


Contact Info
Vice President of Student Life
Barbara E. Jones
P 607-746-4440
F 607-746-4447

Last Updated: 2/19/16