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One of the biggest challenges commuter students face is meeting other students. All students should take the time to get involved. Being connected to the campus and getting involved with leadership or other opportunities will enrich your college experience. 

The Commuter Student Association (CSA) aims to develop a sense of community among all commuter students by connecting commuters to others and to the resources available at SUNY Delhi to enhance student success. Commuter students are encouraged to join any of the many student clubs and organizations through Student Activities and/or participate in a wide range of intramural programs through Athletics.

Contact Lori Osterhoudt at for more information on being a part of CSA. Also, visit the Leadership Opportunities page for examples of additional involvement opportunities on campus.


Definition of a Commuter

Commuter StudentA commuter is a student, full-time or part-time, who does not live on campus owned property. Typically a commuter refers to a student living at home or with his or her parents, but can also mean any student who lives off-campus. Commuter students can be of traditional college student age, or refer to adult learners. 

Parking Information

As a commuter student, your mode of transportation can vary from walking or biking to driving. All students who drive on campus, commuter and resident, must purchase a parking permit to park on any campus property. Commuter students have designated parking lots on campus. These areas must be free of vehicles after 11:00pm. There are also overnight parking lots which commuters can utilize if they choose to stay on campus after 11:00pm. Parking permits are purchased through University Police. For more information, including the official Parking Rules & Regulations, visit their website.

Meal Plans

SUNY Delhi offers many different dining venues on campus where you can relax and eat. Even though you do not live on campus, thereFarrell 2010 are meal plan options for you. Purchasing a meal plan when you live off campus saves you money by allowing you to purchase food TAX free. Eat on campus with your friends without having to worry about carrying cash. Commuter students can purchase any on-campus dining plan or choose from the off-campus options. Visit the Dining Services page, and review a number of meal plan options.


Campus Facilities & Services

All commuter students are encouraged to take advantage of all the campus has to offer: the Resnick Library, the Academic Achievement Center, Intramurals, Farrell Center space and student lounges. All students pay mandatory fees which provides access to: Counseling & Health Services, Athletic Facilities and Student Activities. Optional fees include: the Fitness Center (unlimited access) and a Printing fee (access to print to campus printers). 

Words of Wisdom


 Frequently Asked Questions

StudentHow can I find out about what's going on at SUNY Delhi?
~ Be sure to regularly check your student email and your mailbox located in Farrell Center. (Yes, you too have a mailbox, see the next question). Visit the SUNY Delhi website for Current Student information, Student Activities, Athletics events, etc. Take a look at the Digital Screens for upcoming activities and pictures from recent events.

Do I have a student mailbox?
Yes!! All students taking classes on the SUNY Delhi campus have a mailbox, whether you live on-campus or you are a commuter. The Student Mail Center is located on the second floor of the Farrell Student and Community Center.

Where can I start to look for potential Off-Campus Housing?
~ The Office of Residence Life has an updated list of available off-campus housing options on their webpage.

How will I know if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather?
~ The college sends closure announcements to local radio stations (100.3, 92.1, 103.9, etc.) and local newspapers (The Daily Star, Press & Sun Bulletin, etc.) will be notified to alert the public. You may also check with your professors to find out if classes are being held. Most importantly, we recommend you sign up for Rave Mobile Safety. The Rave Mobile Safety emergency notification system will alert you about severe weather conditions, class cancellations, and campus emergencies through phone, text or email.

What if I want to stay with a friend on campus overnight?
~ You are permitted to be an overnight guest with the permission of your host. Please refer to the Residence Life Housing Policy, pages 13 & 15 for more information about overnight visitation.

Is there anywhere commuter students can go to hang out or relax?Farrell 2nd floor
~ All student areas of SUNY Delhi are available to commuter students. Check out the reading rooms in the Resnick Library, one of the many lounges located in Farrell Center, or Sanford Hall.

Where can I put my stuff?
~ There are lockers located on the Concourse Level of Farrell Center. Lockers are available on a first come, first served basis. You will need to provide your own padlock.

If I came to the campus during the weekend, would I still need to park in the designated parking lots based on my permit?
~ Not necessarily. After 2:30pm Monday through Friday and over the weekend, you can park in any of the parking lots. However, if you were to park in a lot that is not designated for commuter students on a Sunday evening, and you left your vehicle overnight, it would be very possible for you to receive a ticket on Monday morning. Also, be aware that 15 minute parking, RD parking, and handicap parking rules still apply ‘after hours.’

I'm locked out of my car, who should I call?
~ Contact University Police (607)746-4700. Let them know where your car is located and be prepared to meet the officer so he or she can assist you.

My car won't start. How can I get a jump for my car?
~ University Police is located in North Hall and is open 24/7. Bring your Student ID to University Police and you can borrow a 'Jump Pack.'  (No need to have another car present.)


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