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Resident Assistants (RAs)

Resident Assistants are full time students who serve as peer mentors, organize events and enforce policy. They help maintain a conducive study and living environment for approximately 30-35 students. They are knowledgeable about the college, its resources and personnel, and are available to counsel students on their residence floor. RAs are students carefully selected for their leadership and communication skills. They receive training in problem-solving and emergency response. Their academic performance is also considered in the selection process. If students have questions or problems, they should consult first with their RA. RAs are also required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.25 and have a clean disciplinary record.

The Resident Assistant (RA) position is an exciting opportunity available to students that will help you grow and discover your inner leadership potential. As an RA you will gain valuable experience working on a staff, building a community in your residence hall, mediating conflicts, and planning programs all while improving yourself for future employment opportunities. Please take a few minutes to read over the information below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Please Keep in Mind 

1. You must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.25 as a student of SUNY Delhi. Resident Assistants' GPAs are checked at the end of every semester for continued eligibility.

2. In order to be eligible to work as a Resident Assistant, you must be in good judicial standing. Students not in good judicial standing are still eligible to apply for a Resident Assistant position and can be offered a position once they return to a good judicial standing.

Night Hosts (NHs)

Night Hosts are student employees who monitor the main entrances of the residence halls during the late hours of the evening. This provides for increased safety and security to all students living in the residence halls. Night Hosts direct residents' guests to sign themselves in and out of the residence halls and notify University Police and Residence Life staff in case of emergencies.

Sustainability Advocates (SAs)

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Sustainability Advocates are residential student employees who are hired by the Office of Residence Life to promote sustainability in the residence halls. They do so by actively educating students through programming and passively educating students through marketing. SAs also help coordinate Residence Life’s initiatives such as Earth Week celebration, the nation-wide Recyclemania contest, and Donation Drives each semester in the residence halls.

For the full position description, click here.

Basic Requirements


Contact Brittany Bookman at for more information about Sustainability Advocates



















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