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Every time you perform community service, whether as an individual, as part of an organization, or for a class, it gets recorded when you bring a log of your hours to the OCCE.  These hours can then be recorded on your Co-Curricular Transcript.  All students graduating are eligible, based on the number of community service hours completed, to receive additional recognition with a Community Service Leader Award. The Community Service Leader levels are Merit (bronze), Excellence (silver), and Distinction (gold).

  Congratulations to all the May 2017 Award Winners!



Community Service Leaders of Merit, Associate Degree (100-200 hours)

Jonathan Bondi

Brandon Gauthier

Isamarie Ramos

Allison Brown

Heather Goettel

Dianne Roebuck

Brandi Carufe

Kandice Haughton

Sara Rozina

Katelyn Compston

Jessica Heh

Emily Shako

Bryannah Crump

Stephanie Jozkowski

Jennifer Sweredoski

Diana Dick

Brandon Kolsch

Victor Twal

Emily Frole

Fuka Matsumura

Sean Walpole

Nicholas Fusca

Rebecca Purdy




Community Service Leaders of Excellence, Associate Degree (201-300)
Tommi Hanson Mornette Scott
Kiyoga Nagae Amanda Wellington
Monica Randazzo  
 Community Service Leaders of Merit, Bachelor Degree (200-300 hours)
Jannel Diaz Abigael Palcic
Stephany Gomez Jessica Reimertz
Mei Pan
 Community Service Leaders of Excellence, Bachelor Degree (301-600)
Timothy Dietz Christopher Sanicola
Kathleen Lennon      Hannah Stern
John Quagliano Ian Wheeler
Community Service Leader of Distinction, Bachelor Degree (600 and above)
Diane Capaci (over 1,000 hours!)
 This is how students will be recognized: It will be listed on your Co-Curricular Transcript, which goes to future schools and employers, and will be a wonderful addition to your résumé. Award recipients will be honored at the President's Salute to Graduates Dinner. You will also be honored by President Laliberte at the graduation ceremony. You will wear a specially colored honor cord depending on your level of service ( bronze, silver, gold). Your name is announced as an award winner as you graduate. 

The levels are:

Based on the number of semesters you attend SUNY Delhi and the average number of hours you have served in the community by volunteering or participating in service-learning or unpaid internships.

 Leader of Merit (Bronze) :  Certificate Degree 50 - 100 hours
Associate Degree 100 - 200 hours
Bachelor Degree 200 - 300
Leader of Excellence (Silver):    Certificate Degree 101 - 150 hours
Associate Degree 201 - 300 hours
Bachelor Degree 301 - 600
Leader of Distinction (Gold): Certificate Degree 151 - up hours
Associate Degree 301 - up hours
Bachelor Degree 601 - and up hours

Co-Curricular Transcript Levels:  (anyone who has done ANY Community Engagement while at Delhi)

Community Service - Community service is recorded based on the amount
of hours you have completed and logged with the O’Conner Center for Community
Engagement (OCCE). Community service hours will be
recorded and shown on the Co-Curricular Transcript in levels which are in
increments of 25, 50, and 100.
(To include your community service on your Co-Curricular Transcript, simply fill out
the CCT form, enter “CS” as TYPE, sign and bring to OCCE for verification)

 Level 1 1-25 hrs  Level 5 101-150  Level 11 401-500
 Level 2 26-50  Level 6 151-200  Level 12 501-600
 Level 3 51-75  Level 7 201-250  Level 13 601-700
 Level 4 76-100  Level 8 251-300  Level 14 701-800
   Level 9 301-350  Level 15 801-900
   Level 10 351-400  Level 16 901-1,000

  It is never too early to start working towards one of these awards for when you graduate. Come to the O'Connor Center to sign up for upcoming events. Have a suggestion for service? Come on over and let's put it into action. And always be sure to document your community service, whether it's a club or organization activity, something you've done by yourself, or as part of a class. Your service counts in many ways and we want to know about it!

Haven't gotten involved in community service yet? Then come join us! Visit the O'Connor Center for Community Engagement, 217 Farrell Student and Community Center, or call 607-746-4781.
You can make a difference!

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