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2012-13: Hurricane Sandy Relief

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After Superstorm Sandy, the college rallied to raise funds and gather needed items for those displaced by the storm. On of our online instructors even had her Girl Scout group raise money to purchase items which were sent from Arkansas.  Students and a faculty member spent part of the January break helping Habitat for Humanity rebuild on Breezy Point Queens.  Fundraising continued and with the CADI Challenge, we were able to raise about $6,500 to support the trip and the agencies.  Hurricane Sandy Relief Agencies,  New York Cares and Habitat for Humanity of Westchester Count, worked with SUNY Delhi students from the Applied Sciences and other majors over the March break of 2013 as they volunteered their time and skills to recovery efforts.

 Elizabeth Sova put together a book documenting the trip > 

Peter Campbell, David Kryston, Eric Robert, Nicholas Sinstack, Alan Smith, Jared Stephens, John Taylor, Floyd Vogt, Jared Yando

Samvara Anello, Jonathan Astor, Romas Bajoras, Yannick Baum, Alexander Camarda,  Thomas Carroll, Rachelle Cassatt, Karen Castro, Daniel Chen, David Chen, Taylor Coloton, Tom Coughlin, James Coumatos, Qunaisa Crawford, Matthew Dussor, Andrew Earle, Ericka Ericson, James Erwin,  Michael Gaddis, Virginia Giles, Shawniqua Hargrove, David Higham,  Emmanuel Jimenez, Marilyn Joseph, Drew Laemmermann, Steve McGinley, Brett Mochrie, Bryan Moore, Eric Murray, Joseph O'Malley, Christopher Pelletier, Michael Reece, Richard Rejhon, Reina Romero, Adonis Smalls, David Schwartz, Maimouna Sow, Nicholas Tetor, Matthew Stirnweiss, Nicholas Trusso, David Valone, David Vanlooy, Abigail Wallace, Douglas Wanser, Bret Weller, Andrew West


2010: Help Japan though AmeriCares

The campus community of SUNY Delhi expresses it's deepest sympathy and offers thoughts of hope for the victims of the tragic earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, and all those who have been affected. As part of the nationwide effort to give generously and offer what help we can, the O'Connor Center for Community Engagement, in conjunction with Student Activities at SUNY Delhi created a series of events and fund-raising efforts to provide relief.

AmeriCares is a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs – and supports long-term humanitarian assistance programs – for all people around the world, irrespective of race, creed or political persuasion.   Maximizing Every Donation: The AmeriCares model is time-tested, cost-effective and experience driven; and for donors, the value proposition is powerful. For every $100 in cash contributed, AmeriCares is able to deliver more than $3,500 in humanitarian relief, including medicines, medical supplies, nutritional supplements and other assistance. 

What We've Done So Far:  Thanks to the generous donations of our students, the following events have collected donations for our relief efforts.  March 2011:  Trading Card Tournament, Cupcake Fundraiser, Faculty donations, Student donations from David Browning Comedy Show and club/ Greek fundraisers.  April 2011:  Live Comedy Show, Chocolate Candy fundraiser, and other club/Greek donations. May 2011: Bowl-a-thon, Comedy show, Computer LAN Fest, and other club/Greek donations.  These events have raised a total of $3,758.04! 

The CADI Challenge:  Each April, the College Association at Delhi, Inc challenges the students to perform 1000 hours of community engagement.  No matter how many hours students donate, CADI will donate $5 per hour to the philanthopy students have designated as the charity to receive those funds.  This year the students donated over 5000 hours, and CADI will donate an additional $5,000 to AmeriCares Japan Emergency Fund in 2011, bringing our total donation to $8,758.04 or a total value of $306,530 in humanitarian aid to Japan.

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