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What happens at orientation?

Orientation is a crucial part of your successful transition to college. Whether you are a first time freshmen, a transfer, or a returning adult student, New Student Orientation provides important information relevant to your success, including academic policies and meetings with faculty, information on tutoring and other specialized services, and sessions on campus life and student success. There are also opportunities to interact with faculty, staff and other students in more relaxed settings and to hear about opportunities for leadership and service. Research shows that students who actively participate in orientation are more likely to be successful and graduate from college.

When do I move into my residence hall?

If you will be living on campus, "move in" is scheduled for the first day of the Orientation Program-a Friday in August, or Saturday in January. Information on your exact arrival time will be sent with your housing assignment. Please note: Residence Life is unable to accommodate early arrivals.

For other information related to Residence Life check out their web page.

What is orientation ‘check in?'

All new students must "check in" for Orientation at Alumni Hall (August), or at Farrell Student & Community Center (January). When you check in you will receive your Orientation Schedule, an official college planner that includes key dates and deadlines and the "Student Code of Conduct," and other important items.

When do I meet my advisor?

Meetings with academic advisors are scheduled on the Saturday of the orientation program .

Is there a Parent Orientation?

Parents who have attended an "Accepted Student Day" program with their student have received a very thorough orientation, so there is not an official program in August.  There is a brief Parent & Family Program as part of the January Orientation Program.

When do parents leave?

Parents are welcome to join in for many of the activities on the first day of the orientation program. By late afternoon however we encourage them to head home as we have much planned to keep new students busy from that point on.

What are the most important sessions for commuter students to attend?

During the Fall Orientation program in August commuter students are invited to attend a special Commuter Welcome Program on the Thursday prior to the 3-day Orientation. This program includes lunch, a tour and an overview of new student Orientation. While commuter students are welcome to attend Friday and Sunday Orientation activities, the most critical sessions occur primarily on Saturday. For all students beginning at SUNY Delhi for the Spring term (January), the Orientation program runs two days (Saturday and Sunday), and commuters are welcome to attend both days.

Please note: As a commuter you are required, like all students, to have a student mailbox, an email account, an ID card and so forth. Orientation is the BEST time to pick up these items and take care of business.

Are there sessions for transfer students during Orientation?

Transfer students should plan to attend all orientation sessions. Don't assume that because you've been to another college that you know all there is to know. Each college and university does things a bit differently. Be informed about SUNY Delhi's programs and services.

What does the orientation fee cover?

Your orientation fee covers food and refreshments during the Orientation Program, academic planners, entertainment and compensation for Student Orientation Leaders. It will appear on your bill along with tuition and other fees. The fee is $90 for the fall orientation program and $30 for the spring program.*

*All fees are subject to change without notice.

When can I get my books?

For information on text book sales contact the Campus Store at 607-746-4760.

Will I have time to take care of financial and other business such as my I.D. card and student mail box?

You will have ample time during the Orientation Program to take care of business. Many offices, including Student Accounts and Financial Aid, are open on the weekend of Orientation to accommodate new students. Your I.D. card will be given to you at ‘Orientation Check In' if you had your picture taken at an "Accepted Student Day" Program--otherwise you will be able to get one in Farrell Student & Community Center during Orientation. All students, including commuter students, must have a mail box on campus. Combinations will be given out throughout the entire Orientation Program. Parking decals are also available during Orientation.



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