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Safety Alerts

There are no safety alerts at this time.


Semester-End Safety Tips 

Often, at the end of the semester, there are increases in personal property thefts. As the semester draws to a close, we offer these suggestions and tips as a way for you to protect your personal property from possible theft:

  1. Be sure not to leave valuables unattended in residence hall rooms, cars, labs, offices, physical fitness facilities, classrooms or dining facilities.

  2. Take extra care to secure any small valuables. For example: your iPod, cell phone, jewelry and even your books.

  3. MAKE SURE THAT WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR ROOM OR OFFICE, YOU LOCK THE DOOR BEHIND YOU. Double check your door to make sure it’s locked!!! Make sure that your roommate or office mate knows to lock the door when they leave.

  4. Lock your cars.

  5. Do not hide or leave your key for your room or office mate. If you have lost a door key, get it replaced!

  6. Immediately report any door-locking problems.

  7. If you see any suspicious individuals in your hall or on campus, report them to University Police at ext. 4700.

It cannot be emphasized enough that locking the door is the best protection you have against thieves. Do not allow someone to take property which belongs to you.

Good luck as you prepare for your exams!


General Safety Tip

Students need to be extra vigilant in securing their rooms. There are people who will steal property which isn’t properly secured.

The University Police and Residence Life staff members strongly remind you to lock your room and secure your belongings at all times. Do not allow yourself to become a victim of this type of crime. NEVER LEAVE YOUR ROOM DOOR UNLOCKED AND NEVER LEAVE YOUR VALUABLES UNATTENDED!!!

The simplest and best way to protect your property is to LOCK YOUR DOOR EVERY TIME YOU LEAVE YOUR ROOM, even if you are leaving for only a few minutes. Do not leave your door unlocked because your roommate has lost their key. Any lost keys need to be immediately reported to your Residence Hall Director.


If you would like to provide anonymous information about who the thieves are, please submit the information using the SUNY Delhi University Police Confidential Tip-line. All information sent to the Tip-line is anonymous. The Confidential Tip-line.


SUNY Delhi Police are here for you.



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