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Safety Information

Safety Information

The following University Police report presents important information regarding safety, security and fire safety on the SUNY Delhi campus. In addition to outlining the details of the various programs the college offers to campus community members, our reports also contain reportable crime and fire safety statistics on campus. We hope not only to communicate mandatory information such as crime statistics and fire safety data, but also to provide you with insight into the many ways in which we strive to keep the SUNY Delhi community safe. 

PDF Icon Annual Campus and Fire Safety Report - September 29, 2016


Crime Logs

The objective of the University Police Department is to provide a safe environment for teaching, research and social endeavors and to protect the lives and property of the students, employees and visitors of the SUNY Delhi Campus. Investigation of crimes committed on the campus fall under the jurisdiction of the University Police Department. The University Police Department also works closely with the Delhi Village Police, Delaware County Sheriff's Department, the New York State Police and assists these outside law enforcement agencies with incidents that may occur off campus but involve campus staff or students. University Police at Delhi maintains a daily police log written in a form that can be easily understood, recording all crimes reported to the department. The log includes the following information:


Excel Icon 2016 Crime Logs

Excel Icon 2015 Crime Logs
















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2015 Annual Security
and Fire Safety Report
September 29, 2016

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