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Connect to DELHI-SECURE with a Windows 10 Device

Connecting to DELHI-SECURE with a Windows 10 Laptop

1. Click on the WIFI symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen, and choose DELHI-SECURE, then 'Connect'


2.  Enter your username in the ‘Username’ box and your password, then click 'OK'.


Faculty & Staff:



3. Your browser should automatically open and bring you to the BYOD portal, where you will accept the Terms by clicking 'Start'

Note: If you are not automatically sent to this page try opening a browser and visiting


4. Next you wan to type in a description of the device and click 'Continue'


5. You should be brought to a confirmation page, saying 'Success'  You can close out of your browser now. 


6.  Last you want to turn the WIFI Off, by clicking on the 'Wi-Fi' button.  Then turn it on by clicking it again.

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Service Center/Help Desk
From On-Campus: x4835
From On-Campus:: 607-746-4835



Last Updated: 12/13/16