Support Priorities

Support Priorities

It is Campus Information Systems’ intent to provide fast, competent service through the Technology HelpDesk. Staff perform “triage” on every support request. Problems that can be resolved quickly over the phone are handled on the spot. Issues that require further support are prioritized within the following model.

All requests for support and service are received at the HelpDesk via email at and via telephone at x4835 (4TEK).

Support tiers are focused on systems in continual use. This is not meant to encompass new projects and routine operation requests, but rather to provide a general understanding of how functional problems are prioritized.

Tier I Support Priorities

Definition: Items impacting the entire campus

  • Virus Outbreak
  • Wired Network
  • Internet Connectivity
  • ResNet (Wireless)
  • Server based outages
    • Email
    • Banner
    • Printing
    • Web (www)
    • Online Registration System
  • Telephone PBX

Tier II Support Priorities

Definition: Items impacting an entire building

  • Wired Network
  • ResNet

Tier III Support Priorities

Definition: Items impacting a large time sensitive facility (smart classroom / Technology Center computer lab)

  • Notebook computers (Windows 98 / Windows XP managed)
  • Networking
  • Printing
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software
  • Projection System

Tier IV Support Priorities

Definition: Items impacting an individual user

  • Virus Infected System
  • Network Connectivity
  • ResNet
  • Printers
  • Personal Computer Hardware
  • Personal Computer Software
  • Banner
  • Faculty Email Account
  • Student Email Account
  • Online Registration System

Tier V Support Priorities

Definition: Faculty computers (Windows XP with faculty administrators)

  • Faculty computers with XP and faculty administrators

Tier VI Support Priorities

Definition: Items outside the CIS purview

  • Labs outside the Technology Center
  • Non-networked printers
  • Ink Jet Printers
  • Personal Data Assistants (Palm, Handspring, etc.)
  • Personal computers not owned by the college
  • Software selected without CIS consultation or against CIS recommendations

ATAC Approval: November 21, 2002