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What is the BroncoWeb?

The BroncoWeb (Banner Web for Students) is the on-line system that SUNY Delhi students use to register for classes, manage their financial aid account, view final grades, and monitor their student account information. Because the BroncoWeb operates via the Internet, it is available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Accessing the BroncoWeb

It's easy! You can access the BroncoWeb from any computer with Internet access. Simply go to the SUNY Delhi home page at, click on the "Quick Links" menu and select "Financial Aid" and then click on "Access Your Financial Aid Information." Click on "SUNY Delhi BroncoWeb." You may also access the BroncoWeb by clicking on the "Access Your Financial Aid Information" link to the left of this message.


Accepting or Declining Your Financial Aid Award on the BroncoWeb

Once you've signed into the BroncoWeb you will be taken to the Main Menu. From here you can access your financial aid information.
Select "Financial Aid"

Select "Financial Aid Status" for an overview of your award notice

Choose the aid year and submit

Review the information

Click on "awarded" link

Click on "Award Overview" tab

Review the information

            Expected Enrollment - Your aid is based on the enrollment status listed

            Financial Aid Award - Click on the fund for an explanation of the award

Click on "Accept Award Offer" tab

Choose one of the following options: 

1. Accept the full award amount by selecting "Accept Full Amount of All Awards"

2. Choose Decline or Accept for each offered fund.

3. Accept a partial amount by selecting Accept and entering the amount in the "Accept Partial Amount" field

Click "Submit Decision"

Scroll down and check for "Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements"

You CANNOT accept TAP or PELL. They will change to accept status once all the required paperwork has been processed.


Students accessing the BroncoWeb for the first time:

Accepted students to SUNY Delhi are automatically assigned a BroncoWeb Account with a user ID and PIN #. Your User ID is your social security number and your initial PIN was mailed to you when you paid your deposit.  You can also find this information on your Financial Aid Award notice.

The first time you log into the BroncoWeb you will be prompted to select a new six-digit PIN. Do not share your new PIN with anyone. You will also be asked to select a "Secret Question" and answer in the event that you forget your PIN. A suggestion for your secret question might be, "What is my mother's maiden name?"

If you should forget your PIN, you will be able to check the "Forgot PIN" button, answer the "secret question," and reset your PIN#.


Returning students or others who have an established BroncoWeb account:

Continuing students (or students returning from a military leave, medical leave, etc.) should already have an established Banner Web account. Simply follow the instructions for accessing the BroncoWeb. If you have forgotten your PIN number, click the "Forgot PIN" button and answer your secret question to reset your PIN. If at anytime you wish to contact the Financial Aid Office with a question or to change an amount once you have agreed to it, click on the Contact the SUNY Delhi Financial Aid Office link near the bottom of the page to send us an e-mail.


Checking your Financial Aid Status

To check your Financial Aid Status, click on "Overall Financial Aid Status." It will show if you have unsatisfied requirements. If you do, click "Student Requirements" and it will show what you are missing. If the form is available to download there will be a link to click on.

All of these processes only take a few minutes. Of course, if you have problems, our staff is here to assist you. Simply call the SUNY Delhi Financial Aid Office at 1-800-96DELHI (1-800-963-3544), 607-746-4570, or e-mail us at


Perkins Loan Processing

If you are offered a Perkins Loan on your estimated award notice and accept this loan on the SUNY Delhi website, an email will be sent to your SUNY Delhi email account with instructions on what to do next.

Federal Stafford Loan Processing

All Stafford and PLUS loan borrowers MUST first agree to these loans on the Bronco Web.  In addition, all first time borrowers at SUNY Delhi must also complete entrance counseling and a master promissory note on the Direct Loan website,

 Parent PLUS Loan Processing

The Direct PLUS loan is offered to the parents of dependent students to assist them in paying for their son or daughter's college education.  To qualify for the PLUS loan, all parents must complete the PLUS request process each year by logging into and completing a credit check form.  First time PLUS borrowers at SUNY Delhi who are credit qualified must also complete an electronic Master Promissory Note (eMPN)


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Contact Info
Phone: 1-800-96DELHI
Phone: 607-746-4570

Fax: 607-746-4208

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FASFA - 002857
TAP - 3020 (1 or 2 yr. programs)
TAP - 6020 (4 yr. programs)

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All SUNY Delhi students, regardless of their financial situation, can benefit from the SUNY Smart Track Financial Literacy Website. Click on the Smart Track link and register to learn how to budget your money, understand credit before you use it and start to save money for an emergency fund.


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