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Award Notice

 Your Estimated Award Notice

Your estimated award notice is the result of filing your FAFSA.  This notice contains the maximum aid you are eligible to receive at SUNY Delhi. 

The types and amounts are based on the information you provided on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the funding that is available. 

In addition to aid that is in the student's name, most award notices include a Parent PLUS loan, which is a loan in the parent's name.

All amounts are estimated until the funding is received by SUNY Delhi and applied to the student's account.

You are expected to access your financial aid award notice and accept, reduce or decline the aid that has been offered.  Failure to respond will result in your aid not being credited to your bill.

Once you are logged in, be sure to click on the available links and read the information and/or instructions listed.  Review the information carefully.  View Delhi Demos for details.  Promptly submit all applications and requests for additional information.


How to Access Your Financial Aid Award Notice   Click on Delhi Demos for a "how-to" video

Login to the BroncoWeb 

Type in your Delhi ID or Social Security Number and six digit PIN

Select "Financial Aid"

Select "Financial Aid Status" for an overview of your award notice

Choose the aid year and submit

Review the information

Click on "awarded" link

Click on "Award Overview" tab

Review the information

     Expected Enrollment - Your initial awards are based on the enrollment status listed.  

    Financial Aid Award - IMPORTANT: Click on each fund for an explanation of the award

Click on "Accept Award Offer" tab

Choose one of the following options: 

1. Accept the full award amount by selecting "Accept Full Amount of All Awards"

2. Choose Decline or Accept for each offered fund.

3. Accept a partial amount by selecting Accept and entering the amount in the "Accept Partial Amount" field

Note: Pell and TAP, if awarded, cannot be accepted or declined.  These funds will change to accepted once all required processing is completed.  Outstanding requirements, if any are needed to complete Pell and TAP processing, will be listed under "Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements"

Click "Submit Decision"

Scroll down and check for "Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements"

Contact the SUNY Delhi Financial Aid Office if you have questions or need assistance in accessing your award information online.

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School Codes
FASFA - 002857
TAP - 3020 (1 or 2 yr. programs)
TAP - 6020 (4 yr. programs)

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Last Updated: 2/19/16