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The total cost to attend SUNY Delhi includes billed expenses such as tuition, fees, room and board, as well as estimates for other related expenses such as books, supplies, transportation, and personal costs.  SUNY Delhi Financial Aid uses this total cost estimate when processing your financial aid application and in determining your educational funding eligibility.

2014/2015 academic year costs:
Tuition *(in-state residents) $6470.00
Room Rent (standard double room)** $6500.00
Meal Plan** $4830.00
Student Fees* $1605.00

Total Estimated Annual Billed Costs

Books & Supplies $1400.00
Personal Expenses


Travel Expenses $1100.00

Total Estimated Annual Billed & Related Costs


* College tuition and fees are subject to change without notice
Want more details?  View a comprehensive breakdown of annual rates

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** Students commuting from home are not billed for room and meals.  However, their related costs includes an allowance for room and board in addition to books, personal expenses and transportation. 

Commuter Total Estimated Annual Billed Costs - $8,075.00

Commuter Total Estimated Annual Billed & Related Costs - $16,640.00   

Additional expenses, such as books and transportation, vary greatly based on academic program and individual preferences.  To assist you in calculating your total book and supply costs, View the Academic Program Supply Lists!





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