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Computer Information Systems
Associate in Applied Science Degree   

The Field

The trend in business today is to build an alignment between information systems and the functional areas of a business. Expertise in data processing, word processing, and all other computer technologies, as well as skills in general management, supervision, accounting, fiscal management, and planning, are in great demand.

The changing business environment also demands new data- and information-processing skills. These include the creation, editing, manipulation, storage, and retrieval of data. These processing functions transform and communicate data and words into meaningful information necessary to direct business activities.

As a result, the Computer Information Systems program has been designed as a computer-based management program to prepare students for many opportunities in the information-systems management area.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Delhi Computer Club. It provides an extracurricular organization for students interested in the broad range of computer-related technologies.  Activities include LAN-based computer gaming, web site development, special computer projects, and opportunities to provide technical support to both the campus and the community.  Students complement their academic experience by sharing their interests and engaging in a variety of technical pursuits.

Program Summary

The Computer Information Systems program is designed to integrate computer-based technology into the business education program. The content of the program is structured to provide competence in business management and the information systems that support business decisions. The program also integrates instruction in data processing, word processing, management accounting, and networks. In addition, the instructional program includes computer programming, computer operation, operating systems, and Internet basics.

After completion, graduates of the program are well qualified for employment. Students are also qualified to transfer to baccalaureate programs in the field, including the Bachelors of Business Administration degrees at SUNY Delhi, providing they meet the entry performance qualifications.

Each student is also assigned a faculty advisor who will assist and guide them through their educational experience.

Job Placement 

Career possibilities include positions as a business systems analyst, applications programmer, business consultant, manager of computer operations, office automation specialist, administrative assistant, and office manager. These opportunities exist in government as well as many industries, including manufacturing, retailing, and service organizations.  


Admission Requirements
HS Average: 75
Algebra Regents: 73
English Regents: 73
Transfer GPA: 2.0

SUNY Curriculum Code: 0581

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