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Hospitality Management: Event Management

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Like to travel? Want to make it your career? Learn to create travel packages, plan tours and organize events. This program offers an excellent foundation for students interested in the fast-paced field of event and meeting planning. Take advantage of the Delhi-Disney program by serving as an intern at Disney in Orlando, Florida, for six months while earning college credit. A certified member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), the student chapter plans annual travel experiences for the campus community.

Delhi is one of the oldest and leading Tourism and Hospitality programs in New York State. Delhi’s philosophy of technology education is rooted in the development of hands-on operational skill development for its students. The program includes convention management, travel agency operations management, computerized ticketing for both domestic and international travel sales and distribution, and packaging and promotions development. One of the most diverse degrees in higher education today, this degree provides you with a strong foundation in the principles of business, human resources, accounting, finance, marketing, computing – all of the basic knowledge and skills needed to work in any modern day business environment. In addition to the many hospitality and tourism career paths that become available, this diverse degree could take you into a career in education with additional certification and study. Delhi’s Bachelor of Business Administration program even qualifies as a pre-law degree.

The hospitality professional often wears many hats, including that of business planner, personnel manager, and entrepreneur. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management curriculum emphasizes managerial leadership and is designed to develop technical with theoretical knowledge. It is tailored for those who aspire to become managerial leaders in all five segments of the industry.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program offers a well-integrated curriculum that incorporates the liberal arts, general business theory, and hospitality management theory and application. In addition, students select one of five areas of specialization: Club Management, Culinary Arts Management, Event Management, Hotel and Resort Management, or Restaurant and Food Service Management. Each concentration focuses on classroom theory and practical experience to assist in gaining the understanding, skills, and techniques needed to qualify for job opportunities and achieve career goals in the chosen area.

Disney Connection

SUNY Delhi students in all hospitality programs (Club Management, Culinary Arts Management, Event Management, Hotel and Resort Management, and Restaurant and Food Service Management) have successfully participated in the Walt Disney College Program for many years. Through this program, students work at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for six months in a unique working/learning experience. Students can earn SUNY Delhi course credit for the Disney courses offered as part of this program while they are working at Disney. Any student interested in this special program option should discuss it with his/her advisor early in their Delhi career. Disney courses include Communications, Leadership, Hospitality Management, Human Resources Management, Disney Marketing U, and Disney Experiential Learning.

Work Requirement

Each student must complete a professional work experience requirement in a position related to the hospitality industry during a summer. This professional work experience enhances and complements the classroom learning. Upon completion, students are evaluated by their employer and submit a comprehensive report on the experience. Faculty assist in finding job opportunities, but the student assumes responsibility for securing a position.

Professional Dress

For all hospitality students, professional dress is required for the Orientation class, field trips, interviews, and other special occasions. Professional dress consists of jackets and ties for men, suits, skirts and blouses, or dresses for women. Jeans, sneakers, or work boots are not acceptable.

The Field

The hospitality industry is one of the oldest in the world. Today’s combined hospitality industry ranks third in size among the nation’s industries; it is complex and diverse, requiring skilled professionals.

Unprecedented growth in the service economy has created demand for hospitality business leaders in hotels, resorts, clubs, contract foodservices, major national and international airlines, public institutions, restaurants, country clubs, professional and trade associations, major travel agencies, and other venues that focus on hospitality. Lucrative managerial opportunities exist in a broad spectrum of arenas including entertainment complexes, theme parks, cruise lines, expositions, restaurants, and hotels all over the world.

The number of college graduates with a specialized focus on the hospitality industry is small compared to the huge demand of this fast-growing industry. Hospitality Management graduates have a competitive edge over those with degrees in general business or other programs not centered on the industry.

There is increasing demand for qualified professionals who understand issues such as maximizing profitability, forecasting the market, protecting assets, and applying technology. But the industry also demands individuals with people skills and the know-how to increase customer satisfaction and retain and motivate employees. Delhi’s Bachelor of Business Administration program offers the opportunity to develop these skills.


Admission Requirements

HS Average: 80
Algebra Regents: 75
Biology Regents: 75
Transfer GPA: 2.3

SUNY Curriculum Code: 1169

Contact Information
P 607-746-4400
F 607-746-4769

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