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Residential Construction (AAS) (AOS)

Carpentry Student Remodel a House

Do you enjoy homebuilding and remodeling? Do you dream of owning your own business? Then a career in Residential Construction may be the right choice for you. A good carpenter has excellent hand-eye coordination, a good sense of balance, is physically fit, and can solve math problems quickly and accurately. Through our annual house-building project, remodeling projects, and hands-on lab activities, our program places great emphasis on developing the residential construction, masonry, cabinetmaking and woodworking skills you’ll need to be a successful carpenter.

SUNY Delhi offers two Residential Construction degree options:

A.O.S. Residential Construction & Building Trades
Prepares students to join the workforce in two years as an experienced entry-level carpenter with potential for career advancement in homebuilding, residential remodeling, masonry, or woodworking.

A.A.S. Residential Construction 
Prepares students for entry-level employment in the homebuilding industry, or for further education to pursue a more advanced degree for careers in construction management or building trades education. Twenty-one credits in Liberal Arts are required, including college algebra, trigonometry, and physical science.

Bachelor Degree in Construction Management Find out more >


Admission Requirements
  • HS Average: 70
  • Algebra Regents (recommended): 65 
  • Transfer GPA: 2.0


Career Options
  • Carpenter
  • Mason
  • Woodworker
  • Cabinetmaker
  • Remodeler

Carpenters graduating from SUNY Delhi are qualified to perform a wide variety of work over a wide variety of job titles.  Many graduates go on to run their own businesses and even come back to Delhi to hire graduates. Some students may eventually specialize in roofing, siding, framing, finish work, foundations, kitchens and baths.  Others may become general contractors, sub-contractors, estimators, home inspectors, building code inspectors and more.  Still others may find careers with unions, perform maintenance services, become construction managers, or become teachers.

A second option for graduates is to transfer to a four-year program in this field, including Delhi's B.T. in Construction Management


Alumni News

Nearly 100% of our graduates find jobs, although they may take different paths. Some are hired at large companies while others start their own businesses. Since residential construction jobs cannot be outsourced, the job market is steady and growing, both nationally and locally. Many of our current students are even hired in their field while they earn their degree. Here is what some of our recent grads are doing now:

  • Andrew Marsh ('12) owns his own company in Elmira, NY.
  • John Cusimano ('12) works for Haskell in Batavia, NY.
  • Justin Marcin ('12) is working at a custom cabinetmaking shop in Binghamton, NY.
  • Jack Connington ('12) has transferred into Delhi's B.T. in Construction Management program.

What will I study?

The Residential Construction program places an emphasis on the hand skills and techniques used in residential construction. This program has a theoretical side as well, but the primary objective is to educate you to be a skilled craftsperson. You will have regular assignments on actual job sites where you will acquire real-life experience. For your second year, you can choose to concentrate in woodworking, masonry, or remodeling.

Why Residential Construction at Delhi?

  • Hands-on experience in real-life situations
  • Talented faculty who are experts in their field
  • Companies often recruit SUNY Delhi Residential Construction graduates
  • Numerous student awards from the Skills USA state and national competitions | Read the story >
  • Field projects as class work that assist the community


What are students working on?

  • This year, freshman students will be building a 1,500 sq. ft. two-story house. They will frame the house in the fall semester, and then finish it to move-in condition in the spring semester. The project will be built on the home site (not modular) using the latest building techniques and materials. 

  • Remodeling (second-year) students can look forward to building a sunroom, porch, and deck addition. The deck will be L-shaped with a gazebo framed roof over a hot tub. In the past, student projects have included garages, porches, decks, bedroom and bathroom additions, basement conversions, and attic conversions.

  • Woodworking students will hone their skills with numerous lab exercises, and then finish with a final project of their own choosing that will showcase all their talents. 

  • Masonry students practice with several lab situations, before applying their skills in the community with work on projects that have included concrete flatwork, foundations, fireplaces, brick and stone veneers, and stone patios. 

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Carpentry students Tom Carroll, Nick Trusso, Nich Tetor, and Jonathan Astor volunteered their talents to provide assistance to homeowners recovering from Hurricane Sandy. 
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Last Updated: 9/11/16