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Are you planning to graduate this semester?

If so, please follow the steps below to ensure that you will be included on the Graduation List:


STEP 1: Run and print a Degree Evaluation from Degree Works  to confirm that all degree requirements will be met by the end of the Fall/Spring/Summer semester.

STEP 2: Download the Petition to Graduate form or pick it up from your Division/Department Office.  Complete the form as directed.

STEP 3: Meet with your Academic Advisor to review your Degree Evaluation and obtain your advisor’s signature on the Petition to Graduate.

STEP 4: If the Degree Evaluation indicates that all degree requirements have been MET, bring the Degree Evaluation and the completed Petition to Graduate form to the Registrar's Office, Bush Hall – 124, by the stated deadline.

• If the Degree Evaluation indicates that all requirements are NOT MET, please review the outstanding issue(s) with your advisor. Discuss with your advisor if a waiver or substitution is appropriate or if additional coursework is necessary. Take appropriate action.
• The Registrar's Office will only accept the Petition to Graduate and Degree Evaluation when the Degree Evaluation indicates that all requirements have been met.


  1. Missing the Orientation/Freshman Seminar course: If you changed majors and the requirement was completed under a different subject heading OR you are a transfer student and it is not necessary for you to complete this requirement you will need to discuss the possibility of a substitution or waiver with your advisor.
  2. Every Group appears to be complete but you do not have a GPA of 2.0. You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 to graduate.



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