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Request for Housing Deposit Waiver

For CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS who are experiencing exceptional circumstances and cannot pay the housing deposit by the due date and need to request a housing deposit waiver.

Request to be Released from Housing Contract

For students CURRENTLY LIVING IN CAMPUS HOUSING who want to live off-campus during this academic year. 

Please note that per the Housing Policy Guide "Once a student completes a housing application, agreeing to the terms and conditions for on-campus housing, they have entered into the housing license and they are financially obligated for the entire academic year." 

In only rare circumstances are students released from their housing contract.

Request to Live Off Campus

For CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS or INCOMING STUDENTS who are requesting to live off campus for the next academic year. 

Request to Live On Campus Under 12 Credits

For CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS who are at or will be below full time student status and are requesting to stay in the residence halls.

Damage Appeal Form

For STUDENTS WHO LIVED ON CAMPUS during the previous academic year and are requesting that damage charges associated with their personal living area be dismissed. Damage appeals are only accepted until July 1 for the preceding academic year.



















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