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To:       Residents of DuBois, Gerry, Murphy, Russell, O’Connor, and Catskill Halls

From:   John J. Padovani, Director of Residence Life

Re:       Heat in the Residence Halls

As the winter weather approaches, it is important that we all work together to ensure that the buildings are adequately heated. In order to conserve energy the campus will maintain buildings at or near 68 degrees. Here are a few tips for keeping your room warm during the cold months.

Eliminate drafts-Eliminating drafts prevents heat from escaping from the building and allows the heat to circulate throughout your room.  Please ensure the windows in your room are fully closed. In Gerry, DuBois, and Russell Halls make sure the outer storm window is closed properly. If you cannot close your window or storm window, please notify your Resident Assistant (RA) or your Residence Hall Director (RD) immediately.  In addition, some residents like their room a little cooler than others and open their windows to get some air.  Please ensure that windows are fully closed prior to leaving for a weekend or break.  Please close any Hallway or Lounge windows that you have opened or see open.

Understand how the system works-Heat in your room emerges from the radiator. Hot water flows through the pipe in your radiator and radiates from the section of pipe covered by aluminum fins.  This section is usually in the middle of the radiator and is adequate to heat your room.  Please understand however, at no time will heat blow or be forced through the air from your radiator. The system is regulated by thermostats inside the buildings. Radiant heat is dependent upon air flow to function properly.  Please ensure that your radiator is not blocked in any way and that the dresser and/or bed remain about 12 inches away from the radiator to allow the heat to circulate throughout your room.

Report heat problems-Report any heating concerns as soon as possible. A member of the Residence Life staff will respond to your room and call the Physical Plant Office if warranted.  All requests are treated seriously.  If you are uncomfortable, call us and we will address the problem.

Other important tips-Leave your blinds open during the day so that the sun can heat your room while you are away at class or elsewhere and close the blinds at night after dark when the window becomes cooler.

Dress warmly-Even under optimal circumstances residence halls can be drafty. Their size and multiple occupants make heating them more challenging than the standard family home. It is advisable to dress according to the season; fleeces, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sweaters may not be fashionable but are very practical and will help to keep you warm inside the building.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Please contact your RA, RD, or any Residence Life staff member if you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue.





























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