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Greek Organizations

Why Go Greek? Greektionary Mission


Rush Chair: Alexandro Sanchez, UDE

Assessment Chair: Jamie Johnson, KSE

Alternate Senator: Breezii Scarboro, LIU

Senator: Joseph Cannova Jr., BKX

Community Service: Holly Hastings, ZDT

SOFA: Tatyana Fielteau, UDE

Treasurer: Jessica Lis, ZDT

Secretary: Shania Mahon, OXO

Vice President: Ian Wheeler, KSE

President: Alexander Douglas, TRI-AT


02/04 Meet The Greeks

02/05 - 02/10 Rush Week

04/24 - 04/29 Greek Week!

04/27 Full Family, 7pm Okun Theatre

04/30 Greek Banquet!


Please read this important letter regarding Greek Life!




President: Francisco Wilson-King - FW17@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major:  Architecture  
Crossed:  Lambda Alpha Upsilon 
Other Campus Activities: Student senate Vice President

Vice President: Ian Wheeler - IW27@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major: Culinary Arts
Crossed: fall 2014, Kappa Sigma Epsilon 
Other Campus Activities: N/A  
Favorite Team: New England Patriots 

Secretary: Shania Mahon - SM203@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major: Business
Crossed: spring 2015, Omicron Xi Omega
Other Campus Activities: N/A
Favorite Band: Red hot Chili peppers 

Treasurer: Jessica Lis - JL113@LIVE.DELHI.EDU

Major: Event Managment
Crossed: spring 2014, Zeta Delta Tau
Other Campus Activities: N/A  
Favorite Quote: "Unless someone like you care a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not" -Dr. Seuss

Sergeant of Arms: Tatyana Fielteau - TF58@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major:  Culinary Arts Management 
Crossed: spring 2015, Upsilon Delta Epsilon
Other Campus Activities: WDTU, Tennis Team 
Favorite Music Genre: R&B

Community Service: Holly Hastings - HH44@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major:  Business Information and Technology  
Crossed: fall 2014, Zeta Delta Tau
Other Campus Activities: Works in OCCE
Favorite Color: Purple :)

Senator: Joseph Cannova Jr - JC196@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major: BBA Restaurant and Food Service Management
Crossed: spring 2014, Beta Kappa Xi
Other Campus Activities: C-Store Worker, Glee Treasurer, President of Campus Voice                                                          Favorite Quote: "Families are like fudge - Mostly sweet with a few nuts."

Alternate Senator: Breezii Scarboro - DS146@LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major: Accounting Auditing & Information Systems
Crossed: fall 2015, Lambda Iota Upsilon
Other Campus Activities: Phonathon supervisor, Student Volunteer, CADI Board member, Member of Diversity & Inclusion council
Favorite Song: Shoot me down - Lil Wayne

Rush Chair: Alex Sanchez - @LIVE.DELHI.EDU
Major: Restaurant Management & Food Service
Crossed: fall 2015, Upsilon Delta Epsilon
Other Campus Activities: Bronco's Finest, Radio Club
Favorite: Dancing with tacos 


Advisor: Joliana Hunter-Ellin
Major: Graduated in May 2011 with a BA/BS in Studio Art and Mass Communications from SUNY Oneonta
Pledged: I am Founding Sister number 1 of the Epsilon Mu chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated. We established my chapter in the fall semester of 2010 at SUCO
Other Campus Activities: to come!  
Favorite Music: Amy Whinehouse, The Distillers, Fiona Apple, Bob Seger, Lana Del Rey, HAIM

Student Activities

222 Farrell Student
and Community Center

P: 607-746-4565
F: 607-746-4342


Joliana Hunter-Ellin 
Greek Life Advisor

219 Farrell Student
and Community Center

P: 607-746-4841


Recognized Greek Organizations

ΔΩE - Delta Omega Epsilon (DOE)
KΣE - Kappa Sigma Epsilon (KSE)
ΛAΥ - Lambda Alpha Upsilon (LAU)
ΛIΥ - Lambda Iota Upsilon (LIU)
TΔΧ - Tau Delta Chi (TDX)
TKE - Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)
TRI  - Tri-Atelier Fraternity (Tri-At)

BΔE - Beta Delta Epsilon (BDE)
- Zeta Delta Tau (ZDT)
KΩI - Kappa Omega Iota (KOI)
MIΥ - Mu Iota Upsilon (MIU)
OΞΩ - Omicron Xi Omega (OXO)
ΣΩE - Sigma Omega Epsilon (SOE)

Co-Ed Fraternities
BKΞ - Beta Kappa Xi (BKX)
ZΦΩ - Zeta Phi Omega (ZPO)
ΥΔE - Upsilon Delta Epsilon (UDE) 

Last Updated: 3/30/17