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Farrell Student & Community Center

View the Student Activities Policy Regarding use of the Digital Sign Boards in Farrell Student and Community Center 

In Farrell SACC, you will find the following offices and services:


Farrell Team

The Farrell Center Team Office is Located in The Club Level, Room 009. 

The Farrell Center Team are on staff starting at 11:00am until the building closes. They manage tabling, meeting spaces, and help assist with The Okun Theatre. For assistance in Farrell, call them at 607-746-4847!


Farrell Hall Posting Policy

Student clubs/organizations are to submit all postings to The Office of Student Activities for posting approval. Flyers that are denied will be returned to club mailboxes. The Office of Student Activities reserves the right to deny postings for any reason. 





The Okun Theatre, home to comedians, weekend movies, and more

Plus a student exercise and dance studio, Farrell Commons, TV lounges, Treat Street, and more.























Student Activities

222 Farrell Student
and Community Center

P: 607-746-4565
F: 607-746-4342


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Weekly Workshops






Last Updated: 7/28/16