Travel Policies and Procedures

Step 1:

At least two (2) weeks prior to travel date:

Complete a Vehicle Request through the Event Management System (EMS).

Step 2:

Once you have submitted your request for a vehicle, complete a Travel Request Form (pdf), and submit the completed form to the Travel Office, 149 Bush Hall.

  • Vehicle requests must be entered through the Event Management System (EMS).
  • There must be a fleet vehicle denial on file for mileage reimbursement to be considered.
  • If the vehicle request is denied, you are eligible to receive mileage reimbursement for miles driven using your personal vehicle. A copy of the “denied” request and a Statement of Automobile Travel Form (pdf) is required.
  • The mileage reimbursement rate effective January 1, 2019 is 58 cents per mile. Lodging and meals are payable in accordance with federal per diem rates, which can be obtained through the Travel Office at x4500 or online here.

    Breakdown for Per Diem Meal Allowance

    Current Meal Allowances Breakfast Dinner
    $76 Meal Allowance $15.00 $61.00
    $71 Meal Allowance $14.00 $57.00
    $66 Meal Allowance $13.00 $53.00
    $61 Meal Allowance $12.00 $49.00
    $56 Meal Allowance $11.00 $45.00
    $55 Meal Allowance $11.00 $44.00
  • If your lodging is expected to exceed the allowable per diem rates, a completed Request to Exceed Maximum Per Diem Form (pdf) must be completed prior to travel, and sent to the Travel Office for approval. 
  • All overnight travelers must provide their place of lodging with a NYS Tax Exempt Form (pdf). (NYS employees do not pay in-state tax for lodging.)
  • Travel expense reimbursement policy can be found online here detailing reimbursable travel expenses.

Step 3:

  • You must bring your approved Vehicle Request form to University Police in order to pick up the keys to your assigned vehicle.
  • The PIN located on your vehicle request approval is the PIN needed to use the WEX gas card.
  • During travel, it is important that the traveler keep receipts for all charges that are associated with their trip, including conference fees, gas, lodging, tolls, and any charges incurred on the traveler's NYS Travel Card. These receipts must be submitted to the Travel Office upon completion of travel.

Step 4: 

Within 10 days upon returning from your trip:

1. Submit a completed Travel Voucher Form (pdf) to the Travel Office, 149 Bush Hall.

  • To receive expense reimbursement, original receipts for all costs must be attached to the voucher.
  • If you are expecting mileage reimbursement because you used your own vehicle to travel, a completed Statement of Automobile Travel Form (pdf) and a copy of the Vehicle Use Denial Form must be attached to the voucher.
  • Attach a copy of your travel agenda or conference schedule. The agenda should include start and end dates and times of workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Unless otherwise noted, voucher reimbursement checks will be mailed to the home address listed on the Travel Voucher.

All forms are available online here or through the Travel Office located at 149 Bush Hall or by calling x4500.